Membership Update 1/1/19

**NEW** Volume Lashes

We now have two certified volume lash artists on staff: Ebony Kennedy and Britney Maceyra! They have both been trained and have extensive practice with this amazing service. If you are looking for some extra volume this is the service for you!

What are Volume Lashes?

They can give you an even FULLER look. They will attach more than one lash to each of your natural lashes. This can give you as of a dramatic of a look as you want.

What is the Cost?

For Members there is a small additional Cost per fill if you want to get Volume Lashes. Please see the chart at the bottom of this note.

Is there a Volume Membership?

YES! You can upgrade to a Volume membership and your volume fills will be included! The price for the Volume Membership is $139/month. ($40 more than you pay now)

The team has been practicing this service on many members in the past at no additional charge as part of our “beta” program for Volume Lashes. They would have told you if they were doing Volume Lashes on you. If you were getting Volume Lashes before under the “beta” program, starting January 2, there will be an upcharge for this service.

Ebony has been promoted to Master Lash Artist!

Congratulations to Ebony for her continued hard work and dedication to her work. Ebony started with us 6 years ago and has continued to grow and excel in her discipline. Ebony always goes above and beyond for her clients. She is willing to work with clients on their schedule and come in during off hours. She is also extremely good at doing lashes. She continually takes her skills set to the next level and over the past year has really come into her own with Volume Lashes. With this she has been promoted to Master Lash Artist! And with this promotion comes an increase in pay for Ebony as well as increase in her service prices. Members will see their 1 week fills go from $3 to $5 and 2 week fills are going to $10 from $6. Please see the chart at the bottom for a full list of prices and options.

Monthly Surcharge Billing Change

Many of you have asked that we bill you monthly for the surcharges for fills with Ebony. In the past we billed them at the beginning of the month @ $12. Going forward we will bill them at the end of the month on a consumed basis. This means each time you get a fill we will keep track of the surcharge and bill you once a month. Usually around the 1st for the previous month. Everyone will be billed this way for the surcharges no matter if your membership auto-bills on the 15th or the 1st.

If you would like to make a change to the way you are being billed for surcharges email is at [email protected] or call and talk to us. Thank you!

**NEW** Lash Cleaning Service    

Instead of spending your time cleaning your lashes before your appointment and coming in with clean lashes you can now book a lash cleaning service before your fill! It’s 15 minutes and cost is $25. The artist will make sure your lashes are clean and ready for the fill. If your lashes are not clean before a fill, there is a very good chance that the lashes will not stay on for any length of time. We can make sure your lashes are prepped and ready if you don’t want to do that before you come in! When you book online, look for the add-on called “Lash Cleaning”. If you book on the phone or in person, just ask us to add a lash cleaning to your service.

Revitalash Sale!

All lash members get 20% off all revitalash  in the month of January.

Revitalash can have great benefits for everyone including those with eyelash extensions.

What is revitalash?

Original, one-of-a-kind, Ophthalmologist developed lash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally.

Why do I need it?

It will make your lashes last longer which will help keep your lashes looking fuller and healthier!

Learn more here:

Lash Price List by Artist Level

Lash ArtistAdvanced Lash ArtistMaster Lash Artist
Britney Maceyra(None at this Time)Ebony Kennedy
Melody Gonzalez
Jenna Westlund


Classic LashesLash ArtistAdvanced Lash ArtistMaster Lash Artist
1st Full SetIncluded$18$35
1 Week FillIncluded$3$5
2 Week FillIncluded$6$10
3 Week FillIncluded$9$15
30 min Add on$30$30$30
Volume LashesLash ArtistAdvanced Lash ArtistMaster Lash Artist
1 Week Fill$7$10$12
2 Week Fill$11$17$21
3 Week Fill$16$25$31
30 min Add on$30$30$30


Volume LashesLash ArtistAdvanced Lash ArtistMaster Lash Artist
1st Full SetIncluded$15$30
1 Week FillIncluded$3$5
2 Week FillIncluded$6$10
3 Week FillIncluded$9$15
30 min Add on$30$30$30

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